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30 December 2016 @ 12:21 pm
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11x Beyoncé
7x Britney Spears
5x Demi Lovato
17x Lady Gaga
9x Rihanna
9x Selena Gomez
76x SNSD (Girl's Generation)
16x Taylor Swift
103x Wonder Girls
47x Music Misc [check the tags]

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18 November 2016 @ 12:07 pm
I ship internationally from Italy.
If you're interested or have any questions, PM me or Contact me via email: concetta.rizzo23@hotmail.it
Payment Method: Paypal or Postepay

 photo 20161118_115724.jpg
 photo 20161101_103520.jpg
Jun.K from 2PM
1° Korean Album Mr. NO♡ (Limited Edition)
Price 16€

 photo 20161118_120511.jpg
 photo 20161118_120604.jpg
JunHo from 2PM
4° Japanese Album DSMN (Normal Edition) (Japan Version)
Price 15€ (NO photocard)
Asking: $20
Shipping: Free
Condition: Like New, NO photocard.
Location: USA

Will only accept transactions through PayPal.
Feel free to message if you have any other questions!

Hi! I’m selling EX’ACT albums (Chinese version) for those who still haven’t bought their albums! It comes with free EX’ACT poster(folded) each (preview is as in the picture).

1) Still brand new.
2) CD is never being played.

1) MONSTER VER. (Baekhyun photocard)
2) LUCKY ONE VER. (Chen photocard)

Price: $23.50 including shipping to anywhere. You can buy both for $45.
Price in USD and payment by Paypal. Shipping from Japan.
Please PM me if you’re interested! Feedback page here~!
P/s: I don’t do photocard trading, sorry!

Thank you!
09 June 2016 @ 02:26 am
I am selling some of my K-pop goods!
Bargaining is welcomed.
I accept Paypal.

Time for some late spring cleaning...or maybe its early summer cleaning?
Just wanted to clear up some closet space. I hope that someone will be able to give these kpop/jpop collectables a new home. Seriously though, seeing some of the TVXQ and Super Junior stuff makes me really nostalgic and sad... especially the TVXQ stuff.
For more pictures or info about merchandise, feel free to message me.
Prices are in USD
I am currently only accepting paypal
Shipping within the US is $3.99
International shipping...can be discussed

P.S. Sorry about the shitty pictures...

All About TVXQ Season 2
ASKING: $90.00
CONDITION: like new
REMARKS: comes with all the cards and miniposters. Everything was left as is, in the box. Korean with english subtitles.

ASKING: $10.00
CONDITION: like new
REMARKS: there is a crease by the binding, but it doesn't even hold the magazine open. Features Kato Kazuki and TM Revolution. Japanese

ASKING: $10.00
CONDITION: like new
REMARKS: crease on the binding. Features Super Junior and TVXQ. Korean

TVXQ Japanese Photobook - Tomorrow
ASKING: $10.00
CONDITION: like new
REMARKS: barely crease in bindings. Japanese?

TVXQ Documentary Book - 2nd Asia Tour 'O' Concert
ASKING: $20.00
CONDITION: like new
REMARKS: barely creased in bindings.

I am selling some of TVXQ posters that I got from purchasing their album. It is the official poster that they use for the promotion.
One of the poster has some tear signs from shipping but it isn't that noticeable. I had it professionally laminated (not the stiff kind of lamination). If you purchase it, I have to use the tube for shipping.

1. TVXQ Keep Your Head Down poster (laminated)--- 12 USD
2. TVXQ Tense poster (laminated)--- 12 USD

I also wondering if anybody would be interested on buying Tohoshinki 2015 Bigeast Reversible Calendar. The calendar run until April 2016. I realized the calendar may not usable anymore, however, the pictures on it are really nice and I think it would be a nice addition to your TVXQ collection. It has minor crease on the left corner of the cover due to shipping because I had it shipped directly from Japan. I will give another poster as a bonus if you purchase this one.
If anybody interested, I would sell it for 25 USD (negotiable).

Please note:
~ Items will be shipped from U.S.
~ Payment method: Paypal only. Buyer will be responsible for Paypal fee.
~ Shipping: Free shipping within the U.S.
~ I am willing to send it internationally if you are willing to pay the postage.

If you are interested, have any questions or want some pictures, feel free to email me at pdewanti@outlook.com

Thank you!
Hello! We're holding an EXO Photobook Giveaway!!! We will also shoulder the shipping cost of the freebies! Anyone can join!

Details here:

We're also selling Infinite Photobook for only $14.99! FREE SHIPPING FOR FIRST 50 BUYERS!! Message me for details or fill up this order form:

I'm looking to sell my korean albums and one Japanese album. I'm located in the USA and and will only accept transactions through paypal. All photocards that originally came with the album will be sold along with the item. Feel free to leave a comment if you're interested in any of the items listed or if you have any questions about anything. Thanks!

Korean Albums:


- EXO-M Mini Album Vol. 1 - MAMA (w/ Xiumin photocard): $11.50 USD
- EXO Vol. 1 - XOXO (Kiss Version) (Korean) (w/ D.O photocard + additional EXO mini card set): $15 USD
- EXO Vol. 1 - XOXO Repackaged (Chinese) (w/ Chanyeol photocard): $18 USD

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“JYP and the Wonder Girls, we’re back”
— “I Feel For You”
The Wonder Girls are back! Did you miss them? Or have you forgotten about them?
I can admit that I have forgotten them a little bit because “REBOOT” is their first album in three years. I can’t completely blame them for the long time between releases. One reason is because how funky Korean record labels release albums, especially for idols. I still can’t wrap my head around the concept of a “comeback”. How can SHINee have a “comeback” this year when they released an album last year? They didn’t take a hiatus like the Wonder Girls did.
Also, the lineup was shaken up with the group losing two members and gaining one. First, it was Sohee and leaving in order to focus more on an acting career. Then it was Sunye after she got married and gave birth a daughter. However, Sunmi, from the original lineup, came back  The now-four member group had a dilemma; when can we release our new album?

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