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1. Please keep all content related to kpop or something Korean-related.
2. If you download, you must leave the person a comment :). Be appreciative.
3. Requests for kpop are allowed and encouraged :].
4. Support your favorite artists and buy from yesasia.
5. If you post Korean characters, try to post the romanization as well.
6. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but do not push your luck.
7. Respect all members, admins, and moderators.

From now on please change your titles to the following if they come under the category (just in the brackets in front of every post):

[MV] : music video
[PV] : performance video
[ICONS] : icons
[WALLIES] : wallpapers
[NEWS] : news
[ALBUM] : albums post
[SINGLE] : singles post
[IMGS] : images of celebs
[DISC] : discussion
[LYRICS] : lyrics post
[FANVID] : fanvideos and parodies
[AD] : advertisement related posts
[SELL/BUY] : any selling or buying authentic kpop items.
[PETITION] : petition topics

It just makes things more neat and sorted. If you can tag it, even better!
BUT most importantly, CREDIT! Credit your source otherwise you could get into a lot of trouble!


Rejected posts?
Refer to: here

Am I allowed to sell my KPOP items within this community?
You are welcomed to do so as long as you do not associate your sale with KPOP community.
People have advertised/posted wanting to sell their products within our community however we are not responsible for the products or the purchases/transactions taking/taken place.
Sell/Buy at your OWN risk.
I also don't need to state the obvious, you are NOT allowed to sell pirate/bootleg copies. Anyone doing so WILL be removed from this community.

Are non-related kpop advertisements allowed?
Let's please try to keep it Kpop related, I don't want this to be a community to advertise your cute and cuddly communities if they don't relate or benefit us and our members.

Are petitions allowed?
As long as they are kpop related and nothing anti or offensive. Support all the way.

Do you do affiliation?
Yes absolutely and this is most encouraged (how else will we get through to each other :P). Inbox me jouyouhekii and we can work something out :]

the staff

This livejournal community is maintained by jukixx & jouyouhekii.

Our community graphics are made by 1bun1cho.

The founder of this community is baeshin.


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